Worship Gathering

We hope that you will join us on a Sunday morning at our 10 am worship gathering. Peace Valley is one church that meets in two languages and in the English gathering we have diverse ages and ethnicities as we seek to be a church where everyone is welcome. In our Sunday gathering we praise God in song, pray to Him together, and hear His word preached. On the first Sunday of each month we have a united gathering for the whole church where we take the Lord’s Supper together and express our unity as one people.

Now that we answered what we do at the English gathering you may be wondering: “But what is the English gathering like?” Good question! We are not polished like a mega-church with Broadway level production value and social media ready moments. Instead, this is a family gathering where we unite with people we know and love to worship God. The clothes might be casual but the hearts are genuine. Our band isn’t on Spotify and our sermon quotes aren’t going to be viral instagram stories, but King Jesus will be praised by His people. If you are looking for a church where you can genuinely praise God as the unique person He made you alongside a family who knows you, then this is the church for you.