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呼召明確. 正規神学院畢業. 三年北美教會牧會或侍奉經驗. 在牧會及發展教會事工有異象及領導能力. 有講道,教導, 傳福音及関懷的恩賜. 中文講道, 英文流利. 已婚.  Clear calling from God towards ministry/Graduate from an accredited seminary/Minimum three year experience working in North American church ministry/Have vision and leadership towards shepherding a church and developing ministry/Gifts on preaching, teaching, caring and outreach/Ability to develop spiritual leaders/Preaching in Mandarin and fluent in English/Married/Please submit application letter, resume, testimony on accepting Christ and calling for ministry, three references from pastors and elders. 

联絡人 Contact: 韓英豪  Yieng-Hau Han

Email: Ronaldhan109@gmail.com, Tel: (267)664-7628

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讓我們帶著一份感恩的心,來到主的殿前,述說祂过去一年,在我們個人及家庭裡所成就的美事。誠摯邀請您和您的親朋好友,參加平安谷教會的感恩聚餐。Let’s come to God’s temple with a grateful heart to testify what God has done on us for the past year. You are sincerely invited to join our Thanksgiving Lunch and Testimony Sharing 11/28, Thursday.
平安谷教会强烈推荐弟兄姐妹们报名参加由基督使者协会举办、三年一度的“2019华人差传大会”,大会将于圣诞和新年(12/27-31)期间于巴尔的摩会议中心举行,主题讲员阵容强大,实属属灵盛宴, 欢迎参加。报名请点击。PVCCC strongly recommends brothers and sisters to attend “2019 China Mission Convention” sponsored by Ambassadors for Christ. CMC, once every three years, will be held in 12-27-31 in Baltimore Convention Center. You are highly welcome to register to attend this spiritual banquet.
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 哈利路亚!Grace Xu最近在外州找到工作,临行前,她决定在平安谷教会受洗,愿神带领小姐妹前面的路程。Hallelujah! Grace Xu found a job in another state. Before moving, she would like to be baptized 09/29/19 at PVCCC. May the Lord lead her path ahead.
感谢主! 有六位弟兄姐妹于09/15受洗, 加入神国的大家庭,天上的天使都欢喜快乐!Praise the Lord! Six brothers and sisters were baptized into God’s big family, the angels in the heaven rejoiced.
又是中秋! 平安谷教会于09/13(周五)晚上举行<<爱满中秋>>特别聚会, 庆祝中国传统中秋节,聚会中有美味中餐, 令人思乡的月饼, 还有露天电影-最近大火的<<突破>>, 有二十位宾州大学阿宾顿校区的中国留学生受邀参加。 Another Mid-Autumn Festival! PVCCC had a joyful special gathering-<<Mid-Autumn full of Love>> featuring free Chinese food, mooncakes, and outdoor movie-the new hit, <<Breakthrough>>. About 20 Chinese students of PennState Abington were invited to join us.
李若铭姐妹于08/11受洗成为神的子民,天上的天使都欢喜快乐。愿神继续带领她成长的脚步, 并为她回国后预备合适的教会。Sister Ruoming Li was baptised into God’s child 08/11, the angels rejoice in the heaven. May God lead Ruoming’s spiritual growth and prepare a right church for her in China.
平安谷教会很高兴地邀请董晓林姐妹于06/16分享她参与的Penn State Abington (PSA) 校园事工。晓林姐妹将于今年底从西敏神学院毕业,开始在PSA全职服事, 若您有感动资助她的事工,请点击详情。PVCCC was very glad to invite Sister Christy Dong to share her ministry at Penn State Abington Campus. Sister will start her full time serving in PSA ministry after graduation from Westminster Theological Seminary in the end of 2019. If you are touched to financially support her ministry, please check for details.
2019平安谷烧烤及毕业生分享于06/16主日崇拜结束后举行, 美食、烧烤、音乐及毕业生感言伴着大家度过一个愉快的夏日午后. 2019 PVCCC BBQ and Graduate Sharing was held on 06/16 after the Sunday service, brothers and sisters were encouraged by the sharing of graduates and delighted with delicious food, BBQ, live music as well for a wonderful Summer afternoon. 
平安谷青年和芥菜籽团契于国殇节周末(05/24-26)前往Pocono山区野营, 领略神的创造之美, 并在大自然中敬拜赞美他!  PVCCC Youth and Mustard Seeds Fellowship camped at Pocono Mountains during Memorial Day weekend (05/24-26), to enjoy the splendor of God’s creation and worship and praise Him in the nature.
母亲节诗班献诗 Mother’s Day Dedication: 风和爱 Wind and Love 
纪颖彪、韩嵘、杨文乐和杨文迪等四位弟兄姐妹于04/28受洗,成为神的儿女,天上的天使都欢喜快乐。Yingbiao Ji, Rong Han, Tylor Yang and Mindy Yang were baptised into God’s sons and daughters, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over their baptism.
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