Title Banner copyPeace Valley Chinese Christian Church (PVCCC) is a non-denominational, Bible believing church located at 565 Virginia Dr, Fort Washington, PA 19034, a suburban area, north of Philadelphia. We endeavor to obey the teachings of the Bible, worship the Triune God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, whom together receive same glory and honor. The lead pastor is Rev. Dr. Douglas Huang. Sunday Worship Service is 10:00-11:30 AM.  Sunday School for all ages starts at 11:45 AM -12:30 PM. Please check “Introduction” for more information. We sincerely welcome you to join us. 平安谷華人基督教會位於賓州費城北郊 (565 Virginia Dr, Fort Washington, PA 19034),是一間跨宗派,致力遵行《聖經》教導,敬拜三位一體、同榮、同尊之聖父、聖子、聖靈的教會。主任牧師為黃德馨,主日崇拜時間是上午10:00-11:30;各年齡層的主日學為11:45-12:30。請點擊“教会简介” 查看更多详情。我们真诚欢迎您加入平安谷華人基督教會。
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Douglas1/19/2017 If we found a pocket-size book, less than 50 pages, talking about the history of Apple, Google, Facebook, or Amazon, etc., wouldn’t we be interested to know how the company started, how it went through tough time, difficult moments?  Wouldn’t we like to know how they strive to develop, stretch out, and became prosperous?  Of course.  It would be a fun read.  After all, it’s only 50 pages, a pocket-size book.

如果有人給我們一本小書,只有口袋大小 (pocket-size),不到 50頁,裡面告訴我們蘋果、谷歌、臉書、或是亞馬遜、阿里巴巴的發展史,從草創初期發跡、到艱難時期發暈、到穩定時期發展、到黃金時期發達…;如果全部就是 50頁,口袋大小,我們可能會非常有興趣。
But would these companies last for 2000 years?  Would people of 4017 be interested in reading those little books about Apple, Google, Facebook, etc.?  I don’t know.  But how many of us are interested in reading a little book 2000 years ago?
但是下一個問題,如果再過 2000年,蘋果、谷歌、臉書、亞馬遜、阿里巴巴、等等還會存在嗎?2000年後的人還會有興趣讀他們的故事嗎?公元 4017年,人們會想讀什麼書呢?
The Book of Acts is a bestseller, for 2000 years, the author is God himself, the content is about His Kingdom.  Only 40 pages in most prints.  First chapter, Jesus spent 40 days talking about the Kingdom of God (Acts 1:4), till the last two verses in the last chapter, “Paul lived in Rome two whole years at his own expense, and welcomed all who came to him, proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance” (Acts 28:30-31)《使徒行傳》是新約聖經中非常寶貴的一卷書;依照《和合本》排版,只有45頁。第一章講到主耶穌復活後 40天講說「神國」的事(徒1:4);最後一章,最後兩節說:在自己所租的房子裡住了足足兩年。凡來見他的人,他全都接待,放膽傳講「神國」的道,將主耶穌基督的事教導人,並沒有人禁止(徒28:30-31)。
The Kingdom of God remains.  Why?  The Scripture tells us that Man does not live by bread alone, but by the living Word of God.  So does the church.
Church is composed of men.  Church does not live by bread alone, but definitely and absolutely, she needs the Word of God.  False prophets focus on food and entertainment, they would patch the people with “peace, peace” where there is no peace.  Regardless how sinful people love this kind of whitewashed, superficial comfort, regardless how desperate Satan and his evil spirit want to destroy church, they can’t.  Why?  Because God’s oracle is there.  In Jeremiah 5:22, the LORD proclaims, by His own decree, He can use tiny sands to stop any roaring sea.  It is He who sets the boundary.  Sand is sand, without He who speaks with power and life, sands in themselves cannot do anything.  Yet, with God’s Word, there comes life, not only to each individual, but also to the collective group (Jn 6:33)
The Book of Acts is God’s eternal plan revealed to the world.  He laid the foundation (root) at the Cross of Christ.  Now he reveal His building (fruit) in Acts.  There may not have Apple or Google in 4017, but there will be Church of God under His Word.  Acts 6:7 “the Word of God continues to increase…” Acts 12:24 “the Word of God increased and multiplied…”  Acts 19:20 “the Word of the LORD continued to increase and prevail mightily.”  Shouldn’t we be impressed by How God progressed His Word? And shouldn’t we ask, what happened after Acts 28.  Are we in “Acts 29”?  What should I do, what should our church do, under this light?
This coming Lord’s day 1/22, we continue the Book of Acts, and see how God did to our forefathers.  The passage is from Acts 1:12-26, the sermon topic is A Witness Chosen.
這個主日 1/22 我們繼續深入神的話語《使徒行傳》1:12-26,題目是「選擇見證人」。願神再次做工在我們當中。
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img_4928感谢主!马春玲姐妹/李冰泉弟兄的儿子于09/11凌晨1:20出生,顺产,重8磅4盎司,身长21英寸。Praise the Lord! The new baby son of Sister Chunling/Brother Bingquan was born smoothly 1:20 AM, 09/11. The little prince weighed 8 lb 4 Oz and measured 21 Inches.
IMG_4352哈利路亚!阮相国和任洁的儿子Adrian Pax Ruan 于04/14在Grandview Hospitaol出生。小胖子Adrian体重8磅15盎司,身长21寸,母子俩将于04/16回家。Hallelujah! Baby son of Scott and Jie, Adrian Pax Ruan was born 04/14 at Grandview Hospital. Adrian weighs 8 lb 15 Ounces, and measures 21 inches. Both baby and mom will be back home 04/16.
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好消息!平安谷教会的主日敬拜现已在Youtube现场直播,因故不能来教会的弟兄姐妹们可以通过www.youtube.com/user/pvccc2012/live实时观看。Good News! PVCCC Worship is live streamed on Youtube now. If for any reason, you can not come to church, please visit www.youtube.com/user/pvccc2012/live to watch live.

欢迎参加普林斯顿华人基督教会將於2/25-26/17舉行的黃力夫教授福音布道会《科學、信仰與人生》。 You are welcome to attend the gospel meeting 02/25-26 by Prof. Leaf Huang at Princeton Chinese Christian Church 《Science, Faith and Life》

欢迎参加02/18/17美东跨教会的新年聚会-<<东岸同行>> Welcome to join the 02/18/17 cross church meeting “East Coast Gathering
欢迎弟兄姐妹们报名参加《2017北疆/吉尔吉斯走祷訪宣队》。队员们将前往吉尔吉斯基督教机构宣教并沿着丝绸之路古驿站走祷。若您愿意报名,请和吴漫红长老联系。Brothers and sisters are strongly encouraged to join this “2017 Silk Road Walking Prayer/ Kyrgyzstan Mission Trip”. You will visit Christian organizations in Kyrgyzstan and walk prayer along the Silk Road. Please contact Elder Stephanie Lingle for registration.
此为新一届平安谷教会长执同工分工一览表。若您有任何意见或建议,请和相关事工的负责人联系。 如果需要,他(她)会将您的意见或建议带到长执会讨论后,尽快回复您。This is the Organizational Chart of PVCCC Board. If you have any comment or suggestion, please contact the department leader. If Board discussion is needed, s/he will bring it to the Board and respond to you ASAP.

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我们很荣幸地邀请到新泽西伯特立中心黄明发弟兄于02/10周五晚来平安谷教会分享锡安大道异象,并回答弟兄姐妹们关于暑期吉尔吉斯访宣和丝绸之路走祷的提问。We were very glad to invite Fred Huang of Bethel Renewal Center, NJ 02/10, Friday, to share the Vision of Road to Zion, and have Q&A session for  “2017 Silk Road Walking Prayer/ Kyrgyzstan Mission Trip”.
2017平安谷春节晚会于01/28(周六)举行,弟兄姐妹们欢聚一堂,用精彩的中国传统节目和美味中餐来庆祝中国新年。2017 PVCCC Chinese New Year Concert was held 01/28, Saturday. Brothers and sisters gathered with fantastic traditional Chinese programs and delicious Chinese food to celebrate Chinese New Year. 晚会录像 Video:2017平安谷春节晚会 2017 PVCCC Chinese New Year Concert
dsc_0495新当选的李峰弟兄和季怡怡姐妹于01/01被正式按立为平安谷教会2017-2019届执事 Newly elected brother Feng Li and sister Yiyi Ji were officially installed as 2017-2019 Term PVCCC Deacons.
dsc_0346李峰弟兄和季怡怡姐妹在12/18举行的2016平安谷执事选举中当选为新的2017-2019届执事,求主祝福他们,赐给他们智慧和谋略的灵,坚立他们手中所做的工。Brother Feng Li and sister Yiyi Ji were elected as the new term (2017-2019) of PVCCC Deacon on the 2016 Election of PVCCC Deacons. May God bless them, grant them with the spirits of wisdom, counsel and establish the works in their hands.执事候选人见证 Testimonies of Deacon Candidates: 李峰 Feng Li,  季怡怡 Yiyi Ji
2016-christmas-concert一年一度的2016平安谷圣诞晚会于12/10举行,弟兄姐妹们欢聚一堂,倾情出演,用众多的原创节目欢庆主耶稣的诞辰。The annual 2016 PVCCC Christmas Concert will be held on 12/10, brothers and sisters performed with full passion to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.录像 Video: 2016平安谷圣诞晚会 2016 PVCCC Christmas Concert
dsc_9857吴岳梁、周蕾、陈洁华、雷皓晴、邱瑞锋和邱瑞仪六位弟兄姐妹于11/27受洗成为神的孩子。求神带领他们属灵成长的脚步,祝福他们!Yueliang Wu, Ella Zhou, Joey Loi, Lilian Loi, Jocelyn Qiu and Philip Qiu were baptised in God’s name on 11/27. May God bless them and lead their spiritual growth.
dsc_9772平安谷教会在11/25举行2016感恩见证分享,弟兄姐妹们踊跃发言,数算神过去一年在我们生活、工作和教会中的奇妙恩典。PVCCC held 2016 Thanksgiving Testimony Sharing. Brothers and sisters gathered to count one by one God’s amazing grace on our life, work and church.录像 Video: 2016感恩见证分享会 Thanksgiving Testimony Sharing 
dsc_9759长青团契于11/20欢送徐元铠/李惠珍夫妇。他们将于12/08搬迁至加州洛杉矶,求主纪念他们在平安谷的服事,并带领他们在洛杉矶找到合适的教会,继续敬拜赞美我们的永生神。Evergreen Fellowship had a farewell party for Yuankai Xu/huizhen Li on 11/20. They will move to LA on 12/08, we pray that God will remember their serving at PVCCC, and lead them to find a right church to worship our everlasting Lord.
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