主任牧師 Lead Pastor
黃德馨 (Douglas Huang)

(215) 808-4920


Christmas_2黃德馨,台灣省嘉義市人,出生於1971年,為第四代基督徒。自幼參加台灣長老會兒童主日學,於中學時加入台灣貴格會,並於1987年受洗歸入主名下。大學時奉獻全職傳道,並且蒙召。惟知主乎召其必先完成博士學位,方可正式攻讀神學。自此奮發學習專業,熱心於教會服事,並於課餘會後把握時間閱讀屬靈書籍。大學本科畢業時,已讀完中文聖經三遍,屬靈書籍不下百本。後服役中華民國海軍二年,並於此其間讀畢英文NIV聖經乙遍。退伍後赴美紐約州雪城大學攻讀微波通訊硬件設計及半導體研究,並同時服事於華人及洋人教會。得博士學位後,工作逾4年攢錢以備攻讀神學。在此其間,遇堅怡姊妹,並結為連理。至此德馨已讀完聖經十四遍(中英文各7遍),養成閱讀英文屬靈書籍習慣(每年至少閱讀50-75本),仍同時服事於華人及洋人教會,擔任主要、次要、及配搭同工,且從不忘記神的乎召。Douglas Huang, born in Chia-Yi City, Taiwan in 1971, is a fourth generation Christian. He attended Presbyterian Church for Children Sunday School, then went to Quakers church in middle-high school years, baptized in 1987. In his college years, he dedicated his life to be a full-time minister and received the calling from the Lord. Yet he knew that he had to attain a doctoral level of secular education before taking any official theological education. So he devoted himself to both academic studies and church ministries, and used spare time to self teach theology. Two years in Navy gave him an opportunity to finish reading NIV Bible once as a preparation to study abroad. He studied microwave engineering and semiconductor at Syracuse University, New York, where he received both M.S. and Ph.D. He then worked for industries for four years to save up for seminary education. He met his wife at this time.




Now they have moved to Philadelphia for him to study at Westminster Theological Seminary. Looking back, during these two decades, he was able to serve as major, minor, and assisting roles to both Chinese and English congregations in different denominations (Presbyterian Church, Quakers, Ling-Leung Church, Campus Fellowship, Independent Baptist, Alliance, PCA, Bible Church, Local Evangelicals, CRC, OPC, etc.). The Lord enlarges Douglas’ kingdom perspective. As a result, he was elected and currently serves as the president of Westminster Chinese Student Fellowship. He graduated in May 2010. The Lord has led him serving at China Grace Christian Church, Delaware Valley Chinese Christian Church and now to the field He wants him and his family to be—co-laboring with brothers and sisters in building up Peace Valley Chinese Christian Church and to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

青年部主任 Youth Director
Daniel Phelps  903-424-2508  phelps.daniel@hotmail.com

Daniel Phelps is currently serving as the Youth Director at Peace Valley Chinese Christian Church since March 2012.  His father was the previous youth instructor.  Daniel comes from a Christian upbringing and dedicated his life as a child to the Lord.  Soon after being born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, his parents and siblings moved to Israel and lived there for many years.  After which, God moved them to serve as missionaries in Hong Kong, it was there that he was baptized at an Evangelical church.  After some years in H.K., they moved back to the United States.  Following High School graduation, he served the local community as a fire-fighter, after which, he joined the US Navy.  It was during his military service that he lived in Japan for some years and gained mechanical training and experience.

In the technical sense, Daniel has lived in the Asian continent for most of his life (Israel, China, and Japan).  After his military service, he attended a Christian college, LeTourneau University, and studied Aeronautical Science, Design Technology, and Biblical Studies.  During his university studies, he oversaw many of the student-led ministries associated with the school.  His passion in life is the training, teaching, and application of God’s Word to the next generation.  Self-study of the Scriptures and reliance on the Holy Spirit is of great priority in his life.  He currently resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  It is a great privilege for Daniel to serve the youth, and watch them grow in Christian character and wisdom from the Bible.  He wishes to see the advancement of God’s Kingdom in the hearts and minds of the teenagers.  He desires to seize every moment for the glory of Christ in light of the joy of God’s Salvation.

長老 Elder
陳津生 (James Cheng)  215-643-1918  blcheng@aol.com
許永光 (Wing Huie)  215-368-9621  winnieHuie@hotmail.com
吳漫紅 (Stephanie Lingle)   610-633-9504  prayer@pvccc.org
吳樹華 (Richard Wu)  215-628-0154  shuw90@hotmail.com
執事 Deacon
韩英豪 (Ronald Han)  267-664-7628  ronaldhan109@gmail.com
李    峰 (Feng Li)  215-657-3189  Feng_li_sjd@yahoo.com
馬建亞 (Jack Ma)  215-350-8333  jianya_ma@hotmail.com
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朱志宏 (Zhihong Zhu)  215-796-4838  zhihongzhu@hotmail.com
主日學校長 Children Sunday School Director
潘露佳 (Lujia Pan)  215-500-3798  lujiapan@yahoo.com