主任牧師 Lead Pastor
    黃德馨 (Douglas Huang)

(215) 808-4920


Family Huang


Douglas Huang, born in Chia-Yi City, Taiwan in 1971, is a fourth generation Christian. He attended Presbyterian Church for Children Sunday School, then went to Quakers Church in middle and high school years, baptized in 1987. In his college years, he dedicated his life to be a full-time minister and received the calling from the Lord. Yet he knew that he had to attain a doctoral level of secular education before taking any official theological education. So he devoted himself to both academic studies and church ministries, and used spare time to self teach theology. Two years in Navy gave him an opportunity to finish reading NIV Bible as a preparation to study abroad. He studied microwave engineering and semiconductor at Syracuse University, New York, where he received both M.S. and Ph.D. He then worked for industries for four years to save up for seminary education. He met his wife at this time.


Now they have moved to Philadelphia for him to study at Westminster Theological Seminary. Looking back, during these two decades, he was able to serve as major, minor, and assisting roles to both Chinese and English congregations in different denominations (Presbyterian Church, Quakers, Ling-Leung Church, Campus Fellowship, Independent Baptist, Alliance, PCA, Bible Church, Local Evangelicals, CRC, OPC, etc.). The Lord enlarges Douglas’ kingdom perspective. As a result, he was elected and currently serves as the president of Westminster Chinese Student Fellowship. He graduated in May 2010. The Lord has led him serving at China Grace Christian Church, Delaware Valley Chinese Christian Church and now to the field He wants him and his family to be—co-laboring with brothers and sisters in building up Peace Valley Chinese Christian Church and to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


For a vibrant church, Pastor Huang believes the vision and mission of should be Worship, Koinonia, Evanglion, and Good Works, and look forward to establish 20 churches in 20 years.

 英文传道  English Pastor
Joshua Cheng
Associate Pastor, English Ministry
Joshua grew up in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. After obtaining BRE in Religious Education, he went on to pursue an MDiv at Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary. He has done additional studies at Yale University and University of Pennsylvania. Prior to coming to Peace Valley Chinese Christian Church, he was in New York City working with youth, campus, and young adult ministries. Being in NYC has enabled him to gain experience to know how to effectively engage and communicate the Word of God to the young intellectuals of our time. In his free-time, he enjoys reading, traveling, and photography. 
 長老 Elder
陳津生 (James Cheng)  215-643-1918  blcheng@aol.com
許永光 (Wing Huie)  215-368-9621  winnieHuie@hotmail.com
執事 Deacon
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